More Pictures

Same design as the previous models of the Series 3. World clock function,

Apart from the mx logos in this French version.

With its leather bag and a Money software pack

Top and back sides. The 3mx sports a matte silver metallic covering

Side connectors: Serial port and DC-in jack

Electronic card, components side: (1) DC-in jack, (2) Backup battery housing, (3) NEC V30MX processor (80C86 compatible),
(4) Display and flat keyboard connectors, (5) 2 MB user memory chip, (6) Batteries connector,
(7) Serial connector, (8) 2 MB flash ROM (built-in software).

Autopsy of a Psion 3mx

The box

Manuals and software delivered with the machine.

User manual

More Info

The manual is the one of the 3c, very close of the 3mx.
See also the pictures of the 3a model.

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