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 Released in 1997 Made in Singapore  Memory RAM: 8 Mb, ROM 10 MB (Windows CE 2.0 and 16 software)  
 Display Graphic, 640x240 dots, 16 gray levels, sensitive, blue backlight  Keyboard 64 plastic keys
 Batteries 2 x AA, 1 x CR-2032 (backup)  PC-Sync By a serial craddle
 Size/weight 18.3 (W) x 9.4 (D) x 2.9 (H) cm / 442g  
 Functions Microsoft Office pocket (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer), Month view, Schedule, Calendar, Phone book, Tasks, Inbox (Emails), Home/world clock, Calculator, Terminal emulator, Remote networking, Direct printing to PCL printers, Game
 Comment Processor Hitachi SH3 RISC 32-bit at 60 Mhz. I/O ports: PCMCIA type II (3.3v & 5v), Compact Flash, RS-232C, UART at 115Kb/s, mains adapter.



 Released in 1991 Made in Singapore or USA  Memory 512 KB or 1 MB  
 Display 40 chars x 16 lines, 128 x 240 pixels  Keyboard 80 plastic keys, numeric keypad, 10 function keys
 Batteries 2 x AA  PC-Sync Yes, by serial or infrared port
 Size/weight 16 (W) x 8.6 (D) x 2.7 (H) cm / 305 g  
 Functions MS-DOS 3.22, Lotus 123 spreadsheet, Phone book, Schedule, Memo, Files, Scientific calculator, Communications (Xmodem, Kermit)
 Comment First MS-DOS-based palmtop. NEC V20 processor (Intel 8088 compatible) running at 5.37 MHz.
Street price in 1991 : 450