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Running the Launcher, English version

Profile view

The MMC/CD cards expansion slot

Back side

Top: The new Universal Connector is compatible with peripherals for i705 and m500 series models.
Bottom: Flip cover clips

Both sides of the electronic card. (1) ROM and RAM chips, (2) SD card slot, (3) InfraRed Led's, (4) Motorola DragonBall processor,
(5) Front panel buttons, (6) Display connector, (7) Craddle connector.


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Palm press release

The Palm m125 handheld is a great place to start. In no time, you'll be adding thousands of addresses, updating your Date Book and managing your To Do List. When you're ready, you can use the Secure Digital/MultiMediaCard expansion card slot and Palm Universal Connector to extend your handheld to fit your lifestyle. Expansion cards let you carry your favorite games, images, and applications with you. With the installation of the included software, your Palm handheld allows you to access the Internet, browse the Web, communicate with friends, and get the information that you want or need. All you need is a modem or compatible data-enabled mobile phone and an ISP account.