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Page Organizer PO-2003

Running the Clock function

Back side with separate main and backup batteries

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For busy persons, the Page Organizer can store and retrieve names, phone numbers, schedules, memos and much more. This handy tool also features a Clock, Date and Time, Alarm. See the time Around the World in 32 cities and time zones! Use the Memo function to keep a list of all your current medicines and dosages for those myriad appointments that ask you for that information! Features:
* 1" x 2" Display Window for viewing entries
* Full Alphabet Keypad
* Enter Button
* 4 Memory Buttons for calculating
* Schedule/Alarm Button
* Memo/To Do Button
* Secret/Lock Button
* Phone Button
* Time Button
* Calc/Metric Button
* Circular pad with 4 arrow keys
* Insert/Space/Delete/Up and Down
* 10 Calculator Buttons
* Inch measures down the left side and Millimeter measures down the right side
* Measures 4 1/8" x 6 11/16" x 3/8"
* Instruction pamphlet