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Running the Home clock in French language

Unfolded, Schedule function

Side view

Top and back sides. This device has been intensively used

Inside. 1 Numeric keypad card, 2 Display card, 3 The buzzer is sticket on the main controller chip, 4 PC-Sync connector,
5 Provision for a second 128 KB memory chip used in the ZQ-5650.

In parts

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User's review
I have had the Sharp ZQ-5450 for a year or two now - and it was a really good buy. When I purchsed it I got it at a very special price (about a third of the retail price at the time). This was a real bargain, and I make use of it every day!
This is a superb organiser and I use it for most things that I do. If you were planning on getting an organiser, I would strongly recommend Sharp, and also that you get one with at least 128KB of memory, I have never run out!