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Running the Home clock.
The main problem of this organizer is that the logos and function keys are very small.

Display close-up

With its sliding plastic lid

Back side

Rolodex engraved label

Inside. Main electronic card with 2 x 384 KB memory chips,
separate card for the batteries and PC-link chip and jack


User manual

More Info

User manuals available also in Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.

Product description by Rolodex:
You've got places to go, people to see, contacts to make. Who doesn't? That's why Franklin's complete line of personal digital organizers contains the hottest new essentials for today's on-the-move consumer. Offering features from basic necessities like business and personal directories, schedulers, and alarm clocks to innovative functions such as PC synchronization for exchanging/updating ROLODEX data with your PC, DataGuard Digital Data Protection for peace of mind if batteries fail, spell checking and foreign language assistance. Available in a wide range of price points to meet any budget. Sleek, attractive design fits in briefcase and purse to easily travel anywhere. And everyone wants to get their hands on the palm-sized models! Customers can consider ROLODEX Electronics their own personal secretary- that never takes time off!