More Pictures

Running the clock function

Side view

French keyboard

Display close-up



Left (Power jack, IR window, Serial port and pen housing) and right (CompactFlash port) sides

Both sides of the electronic card.
Top: Cyrrus Logic ARM 7100 processor, the ROM card is inserted above the processor,
Bottom: 4 MB Nec RAM chips, memory controller.

All of its parts

French box

More Info

The Osaris uses the EPOC release 4 operating system licensed from Psion but there are some major differences between the Osaris and the Psion 5.
The psion 5 uses EPOC release 5.
The size of the touch-sensitive screen is only 320 x 200 with 16 grey levels on this model compared with Psion's 640 x 240.
This difference in screen size may cause problems when you try to use some software that was designed for the Psion 5 (The Psion Revo suffers in the same way)
Although the keyboard looks similar to the Psion 5 it does not slide out so the typing angle is slightly different
There is an upside - it does not seem to suffer the Psion hinge problem!
It also lacks the voice recorder that is included with the Psion 5