More Pictures
PocketMate 200 / 300 / 400

The three models with Spanish, English and French prompt messages

PocketMate 200 running the Options menu

Unfolded, running the reminder menu.

Side view

Display close-up

Top and back sides. Five holes are used for the connexion with the PC-Sync craddle.

PocketMate 300 opened. Display card (top) and main card. The empty chip location is used in the PocketMate 400 for a second 128 KB memory chip.

PocketMate 200 electronic card. Two 32 KB chips hold the 64 KB user memory.

All of the parts of a PocketMate 200/300/400 organizer

Picture from Texas Instruments showing the PC-Sync craddle.

User manual

More Info

PocketMate 300 page in the Datamath Calculator Museum

PocketMate 300 page in the Texas Instruments web site