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Side view

Keyboard close-up. Note the protective card in each card slot.

Right side: Smart Card slot, front side: 2 x MMC slots, left side: serial and craddle connector.

Top and back sides

Serial craddle and manuals

Back cover removed

The IC-35 inside is made of two superimposed cards. The main card (top)
holds the Z80 processor (where the buzzer is sticked on), memory chips and smart card connectors.
The I/O cards holds two MMC card slots, the serial port and the keyboard circuitry.

All of the parts of an IC-35

User manual

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The IC35 - The Unifier has is a mobile companion that complements the mobile phone.

It gives users access to the Internet, allows them to send e-mails, use Short Messaging Services (SMS) and send paper-free faxes - and it's no bigger than a cigarette case. In conjunction with smartcards or multimedia cards,

IC35 - The Unifier can also be used for Mobile Banking, for instance. It is linked to the mobile phone via an infrared interface or cable.

The standard user interface matches the product name "The Unifier" because it offers Unified Messaging in the form of e-mail, SMS and paper-free faxing.

The flip-open unit is just two cm thick and has a display that makes optimum use of the minimal space available. It offers a generous keyboard instead of the point-operated input usually found with this size.

With one slot for smartcards and two slots for multimedia cards, IC35 - The Unifier is also optimally equipped for Mobile Commerce, Mobile Banking and Booking, and for digital signing and Travel Services.
The Internet is accessed via a WAP browser integrated in IC35 - The Unifier.

On the basis of WAP 1.1, the Unifier can display all the advantages stemming from its physical design in terms of display and keyboard size, where small, all-in-one devices have to compromise on ease of operation.

IC35 - The Unifier offers much more scope for WAP surfing, for easily accessing various Internet services and contents promising additional user benefits.

The device can also be used as an organizer because it can be easily synchronized with the PC via a docking unit called a SyncStation.

IC35 - The Unifier will be the first device to have what is called an "I and C" button, demonstrating Siemens' competence in the field of converging Information & Communications Technology. The functions with context-sensitive menu prompting are stored under this button.

The Unifier sets up data connections to the mobile radio network via a mobile phone with integrated modem, such as a Siemens S25.