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PS-6700 / PS-6800

The PS-6700 and PS-6800 cases are identical, except the reference name and memory size.

Running the Reminders function

Keyboard close-up

Display close-up

Top and back sides.
5 holes on the back side provide connexions with the PS-6155 dock station

PS-6800 and PS-6155 dock station.

User manual

PS-6700 Electronic card. Toshiba microprocessor, 2 sticked display and keyboard drivers,
2 x 32 KB RAM memory chips for user's data and one ROM chip for the internal program.

PS-6800 Electronic card. Same as the 6700, apart from the user memory area. Only one 128 KB memory chip.

All of the parts of the PS-6700/6800 series

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You may also download the PC Connectivity Kit for the PS-6xxx series.

PS-6700 page in the Datamath Calculator Museum

Press review April 1995

TI Unveils Personal Organizers

Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced two new personal organizers and an optional personal computer connectivity kit that links the units to a PC.

Identical in styling and functionality, the PS-6700 and PS-6800 differ only in their memory specifications. The PS-6700 has 64KB of storage; the PS-6800 offers 128KB of memory.

Each organizer offers data managment software that can store reminders, addresses and notes. Also provided are a calculator, a clock and an LCD screen that shows six lines of information with 24 characters per line. A scan feature is designed to provide fast access to a telephone directory and daily planning calendar.

TI plans to begin shipments of all three products later this spring. The PS-6700 will cost between $69 and $79. The PS-6800 will sell in the $89 to $99 range. The PS-6155 PC Connectivity Kit will be priced at $75, but will be available directly from TI for $49.95.