More Pictures
Ipaq H3130

Running the French version of Windows Pocket PC

Back side

Top and bottom connectors.
Top: In/Out audio jack, Infra Red transmission, Stylus button ans stylus pen housing
Bottom: DC-In jack, Expansion connector, Cradle / USB connector

Into its serial RS-232 craddle

Back shell removed

Both sides of the electronic card

All of the parts of this pocket PC
The soft Lithium polymer battery is sticked into the back shell

More Info

Press release

Compaq description

The Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC H3100 series is not your typical handheld organizer. Compaq has designed the iPAQ Pocket PCs from the ground up to give customers the Internet, information, content, and access to their business and personal lives at any given time, in any given place. The Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC H3100 series is an affordable solution for business and personal information to go. The H3100 series Pocket PC provides the features and functionality of the award-winning color iPAQ Pocket PC H3600, all in a value package that has a crisp, 15-grayscale monochrome screen. The H3100 series Pocket PC is for value-conscious customers who don't need color for their applications. It is ideal for mobile corporate professionals who need a current calendar and contact list with them at all times, plus real-time access to e-mail, corporate networks, and the Internet.

Software included

Calculator, Notes, Voice Recorder, Asset Viewer, Calendar, Contacts, File Explorer, Inbox, Microsoft Reader for ebooks and audio books, Picture Viewer, QMenu, QStart, QUtilites, Solitaire, Tasks, Windows Media Player, ActiveSync 3.1, Internet Explorer 5.0, Reference Guide, Pocket Asset Manager, Virtual Tour, Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Transcriber, Microsoft Pocket Streets, Microsoft Pocket Excel, Microsoft Pocket Word, Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, AudiblePlayer, Ilium eWallet