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Texas Instruments


 Released in 1993 Made in Italy  Memory 32 KB (about 1500 records)  
 Display 6 lines x 24 char  Keyboard 47-key flat sensitive
 Batteries 2 x CR2016  PC-Sync Yes (optional module)
 Size/weight 8.9 (W) x 16.6 (D) x 0.45 (H) cm.  
 Functions Phone book, Schedule, memo, Home/World clock, Alarm, 10-digit Calculator
 Comment optional modules : IS-8050 Memory Module, IS-8150 PC-Link
Other model : IS-8400, with 64 KB RAM.

Texas Instruments


 Released in 1995 Made in China  Memory 1 KB  
 Display 1 line x 12 char, 1 line x 12 digits  Keyboard 43 rubber keys
 Batteries 1 x CR-2025  PC-Sync No
 Size/weight 10.3 (W) x 6.1 (D) x 0.9 (H) cm / 57g  Messages in  
 Functions Phone book, Memo, Clock, 10-digit calculator

Texas Instruments


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 Released in 1992 Made in Malaysia  Memory 8 KB  
 Display 1 line x 12 char, 2 lines x 12 digits  Keyboard 58 rubber keys, 2 colors
 Batteries 2 x CR-2032  PC-Sync No
 Size/weight 13.5 (W) x 7.45 (D) x 1.5 (H) cm / 107 g  Messages in  
 Functions 3 x Phone books, Schedule, Memo, Home/world clock, Calendar, 10-digit calculator
 Comment Other model: PS-3600+ with same features as the PS-3600 and same case design as the PS-2400+

Texas Instruments

TI-3100 Pocket dialer

 Released in 1989 Made in Taiwan  Memory 1792 bytes, up to 125 entries  
 Display 1 line x 12 chars, 1 line x 12 digits  Keyboard 38 plastic keys
 Batteries 1 x CR-2025  PC-Sync No
 Size/weight 7.3 (W) x 13.6 (D) x 1.5 (H) cm / 103g  Messages in  
 Functions Phone book, Schedule, Clock, 10-digit calculator, dialer
 Comment A light gray version was also released
Other model: TI-3200 Pro Dialer