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 Released in 1994 Made in China  Memory 2047 bytes  
 Display 1 line x 12 chars, 1 line x 12 digits, icons  Keyboard 52 rubber keys
 Batteries 2 x CR-2032  PC-Sync No
 Size/weight 11.4 (W) x 8 (D) x 1.4 (H) cm  
 Functions Phonebook, Schedule, Clock, Alarm, 10-digit calculator, 2 games


Digital diary

 Released in 1993 Made in China  Memory 3070 bytes, about 150 records  
 Display 1 ligne x 12 chars., 2 lines x 12 digits  Keyboard 55 rubber keys
 Batteries 2 x CR-2032  PC-Sync No
 Size/weight 11.5 (W) x 8.1 (D) x 1.3 (H) cm / 78 g  
 Functions Phone book, Schedule, Home/world clock, 10-digit calculator
 Comment See the Special page devoted to this family of organizers.


Palm Top

 Released in 1994 Made in China  Memory Unknown  
 Display Date, calendar + 1 line x 16 chars for text information  Keyboard 56 rubber keys
 Batteries 2 x AAA, 1 x CR-2032 for backup  PC-Sync No
 Size/weight 10 (W) x 14.1 (D) x 2.8 (H) cm / 182 g  
 Functions Schedule, Memo, Home/world clock, 10-digit calculator
 Comment Desktop organizer. Close in design and features to the Notebook model.